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Likutey Moharan 1/ ליקוטי מוהר"ן

lm1-003 – Likutey Moharan 1 – Para. 3-5 – Rabbah Bar Bar Channah – White Flame

Likutey Moharan 1 – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon. (Lesson 003. Recorded 1988-07-17.)

00:00 – Review of first two sections of this Torah.
06:42 – PARAGRAPH 3. Effective Tefilah (prayer) depends on searching for the intelligence in all things. חן  – chein – grace – results from focusing on this hidden light. HaShem’s Name >אהיה אשר אהיה – Ekyeh Asher Ekyeh – “I will become what I will become” – Keser – initiates the creative process of תשובה (return to HaShem). Free will is the “Crown of Creation”.
Rabbah bar bar Chanah said: “This wave that can sink a boat looks as if it’s crowned by a spark of white flame – we strike it with a staff engraved with [the words] Ekyeh Asher Ekyeh.”

This shiur is dedicated l’iluy nishmas (for the elevation of the soul) of
Rosalind bas Wolf Newman and Eli Behr ben Dovid Hochberg
Fanny bas Benjamin Sklarinsky and Dovid ben Shaul Hochberg
Jennie bas Dov (Bernard) Klein and Wolf ben Elias Newman
May their memory be as a blessing. Dedicated by their loving children and grandchildren,

Mildred (Naomi) and William (Wolf) Hill.

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