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Today’s online Torah study is dedicated by Nathan and Joyce Rudy and family l’iluy nishmat Sion ben Salha ע”ה and l’iluy nishmat Serach bat Seti ע”ה.

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Likutey Moharan 1/ ליקוטי מוהר"ן

LM1 – Lesson 030 – Torah 007 – Para. 4-5 – Tzitzis, Advice of Tzaddik is Kodesh, Shuruk, Techeles, White, Marriage, Tefilah is Segulah for Memory

Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon. Loshon Rabeynu – paragraphs 1-6 are word for word by Rebbe Nachman.
00:00 – PARAGRAPH 4. Tzitzis protect from immorality.
08:04 – Yosef HaTzaddik (Joseph) merited many children through his blessing “A fruitful bough by a well” (Bereishis/Genesis 49:22).
10:06 – Immorality originates through the eyes.
11:26 – Introduction to a story told by Rabbah bar bar Chanah.
12:23 – PARAGRAPH 5. Parable of Sinai surrounded by snakes and scorpions the size of mules.
16:26 – “White mules” in the parable are the tzitzis. In present times, the main requirement of the tzitzis are the white strings.
18:00 – PARAGRAPH 6. Men and women are equally obligated in the mitzvos lo t’asey. The redemption depends on man (emes/truth) and woman (emunah/faith) being united.
24:42 – “Most women are stronger in emunah than men are.” – R’ Nasan Maimon.
27:31 – PARAGRAPH 7. (Until here was “loshon Rabeynu“. From here forward are notes by Reb Nosson of Nemirov.) Tefilah (prayer) is mesugal for memory.
32:00 – The letters Mem and Samakh relate to forgetting and the Malach Samakh-Mem. Reviewing Torah a hundred times vs. reviewing a hundred and one times.
38:42 – Tzitzis protect from niyuf (immorality). Why Yaakov sent Yosef to his brothers, shepherd.
*40:57 – The physical structure of the body reveals deeper truths: the three parts of the brain connect with the kidneys and reproduction. The three nekudot (dots/vowel marks) of the shuruk allude to the advice of the tzaddik.
48:30 – Rus (Ruth) and Boaz. Gazing at tzitzis is a segulah for recovering from illness.

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