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NACH 01 – Yehoshua – Lesson 1

00:00 – The Battle of Yericho (Jericho). The unusual faith of Rachav in protecting the People of Israel shows how a person who comes from the lowest depths can rise to the highest spiritual levels. “There’s no such thing as a person having passed the point of no return.” – Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld z”l.
06:00 – Why didn’t Yehoshua/Joshua have any sons? This was a punishment for having stated a Torah law in front of his teacher, Moshe Rabbeinu. The Zohar, however, says that Yehoshua did no sin.
08:30 – The battle of Ai and the death of a Jewish warrior who was “like” 36 men – Yair ben Menashe, even though Hashem had assured Israel they would be victorious. Why this casualty?
11:00 – The lottery to find the person who disobeyed the commandment not to loot the city of Yericho.
12:30 – “No matter how bad his behavior, a Jew still retains the holy title of Jew.” – Rabbi Zvi ARyeh Rosenfeld z”l.
13:00 – The lottery is arranged because Hashem refuses to speak Loshon Hara (evil report) about a Jew. The culprit – Achan – is found and he confesses.
16:00 – The power of viduy (confession).
17:00 – The strategy against the city of Ai that led to victory was used by the Israeli army in the war of 1967.
18:00 – The importance of establishing and upholding effective judicial system to combat evil. Judges who are too liberal and show mercy when it’s not warranted are themselves criminal.
24:50 – The deception of the inhabitants of Gibeon in offering a false treaty of peace.
29:00 – Yehoshua commands the sun to halt during the battle against Gibeon.

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