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NaCh - Prophets and Writings/ נביאים וכתובים - רבי צבי אריה רוזנפלד ז"ל

NACH 12 – Shmuel 1 – Lesson 4 – Shaul HaMelech and Dovid HaMelech Were Both Tzaddikim

Speaker: Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld ז”ל.
01:19 – The devoted friendship between Dovid HaMelech and Yonasan ben Shaul.
02:14 – At the risk of her own life, Michal helps her husband Dovid HaMelech escape from her father, Shaul HaMelech.
03:40 – Dovid flees to Shmuel HaNavi. Based on the words of Shaul HaMelech during a Rosh Chodesh feast, Yonasan warns Dovid of impending danger.
04:35 – Dovid flees to Noveh, and then to Achish of Gat, King of the Philistines.
06:46 – After a narrow escape from Achish, Dovid is advised by the prophet Gad to return to the wilderness of Yehudah.
07:41 – Doeg speaks against Dovid HaMelech.
10:58 – Dovid HaMelech consults the Choshen Mishpat and flees to Ein Gedi.
15:55 – Shaul HaMelech and his son Yonasan die in battle.
16:51 – Naval and Avigail.
19:56 – Naval’s heart became filled with panic.
22:37 – Avner, Yoav, and Avishai.
25:58 – Dovid HaMelech returns to the Philistines.
29:20 – Shaul HaMelech is a tzaddik. To this day, any conflict between Torah leaders serves as a trial for the emunas chochomim (faith in rabbis) of Am Yisrael.
34:39 – A person whose mind and faith are pure doesn’t perceive these conflicts.
38:13 – Closing blessings about emunah – faith.

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