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Today’s online Torah study is dedicated by Chaim Spilman l’iluy nishmat his dear brother Moshe ben Menachem ע”ה whose yahrzeit is on the 22nd of Av.

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NaCH - Prophets and Writings/ נביאים וכתובים - רבי צבי אריה רוזנפלד ז"ל

NACH 14 – Shmuel 2 – Lesson 1 (Clip) – When Dovid HaMelech Danced for Joy

Speaker: Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld z”l.
Dovid HaMelech (King David) brought the Aron Kodesh (Holy Ark) to Jerusalem with great honor and joy. This triumphant moment in Jewish history is relived by each of us when we put all our energy in dancing with the Torah on Simchos Torah. Description of how the Arizal would dance all night on Simchos Torah.

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