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NACH 43 – Melachim 2 – Lesson 13 – Menashe HaMelech – Rav Ash and the Blessing on Bread – No Matter What the Crime, Hashem is Ready to Forgive

Based on 2 Melachim 21 and 2 Divrei HaYomim 33:13. Speaker: Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld z”l.
03:28 – Chezkiyahu HaMelech asks to marry the daughter of Yeshayahu HaNavi.
12:15 – A son is not named after his father if his father is still alive.
17:00 – The tests of Cain, Bilaam, and Chezkiyahu HaMelech.
19:21 – After the passing of Chezkiyahu HaMelech, his son, Menashe, became king. He spread idol worship among the Jews and “filled Yerushalayim with a river of blood” by killing Yeshayahu HaNavi.
25:37 – The question of Menashe – “Do we make the blessing hamotzei on the crust of bread or the soft, inner part?” The blessing is made on the crust, since it’s the part of the bread that’s baked first.
27:59 – Why did Menashe ask this particular question about making HaMotzi?
32:29 – Rav Ashi gives a Torah shiur in the name of Menashe ben Chezkiyahu.
*36:22 – Menashe repented for his sins but how could Hashem forgive him after the crimes he committed? Even though all the angels in heaven tried to block his teshuvah, his prayer was heard and accepted by Hashem. This account is an encouragement for every Jew, a reminder that the path of return is always open.
39:00 – Hashem carved out a tunnel under His Throne to allow for Menashe’s return.

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