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NACH 52 – Daniel – Lesson 4 – Reign of Daryavesh – Daniel in the Lion’s Den

Daniel – Reign of Daryavesh – Daniel in the Lion’s Den – Speaker: Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld ז”ל.
00:00 – Daryavesh, king of the Chaldeans, conquers Bavel (Babylonia).
*07:58 – Why a person should daven (pray) in a place where he can see the sky through a window.
13:34 – Comparison between Daniel being thrown into the lion’s den and the selling of Yosef HaTzaddik. “Save me from the hand of man.”
14:40 – Why is a scorpion more dangerous than a snake?
19:20 – King Daryavesh discovers that Daniel is still alive in the lion’s den. Daniel relates how an angel protected him from the lions, and that the Navi Habakuk had stayed with him as well.
21:32 – Habakuk was chosen to stay with Daniel because he is a symbol of techiyas hameysim (revival of the dead).
24:05 – The story of Daniel describes, in a hidden way, the process of the revelation of Moshiach.
24:19 – Why does a person suffer? “HaTeva” is, b’gematria, “Elokim”.
28:59 – How would a person go about performing miracles? What is nature?
32:14 – The main teaching of Rebbe Nachman is simple faith.
*35:39 – Maintaining simple faith, even in the difficult times before Moshiach is revealed. This is done through learning Torah and turning Torah into tefilah.

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