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Today’s online Torah study is dedicated l’ilui nishmas Rabbi Yitzchak Aharon ben Rabbi Yakov Eliezer ע”ה whose yahrzeit is on the 25th of Adar.

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R' Rosenfeld - Likutey Moharan 1/ לקוטי מוהר"ן - ר' רוזנפלד ז"ל

R’ Rosenfeld – Likutey Moharan 6 – Para. 1-4a

Likutey Moharan 6, Para. 1-4a. Speaker: Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld ז”ל.
00:00 – PARAGRAPH 1.
01:42 – PARAGRAPH 2.
08:09 – לֵ֤ב חָכָם֙ לִֽימִינ֔וֹ וְלֵ֥ב כְּסִ֖יל לִשְׂמֹאלֽוֹ – “The heart of the wise man is at his right, whereas the heart of the fool is at his left” (Koheles 10:2).
11:35 – PARAGRAPH 3.
14:50 – עולם הבא – the Future World.
20:10 – PARAGRAPH 4. בקי ברצוא, בקי בשוב. To return to HaShem a person needs to become skilled in Halakha, as well as in “running and returning”.

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