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Sipurey Maasios/ סיפורי מעשיות

Sipurey Maasios – Lesson 04 – King and Emperor – Part 2 – The Cripple – Part 1

Sipurey Maasios – The Stories of Rebbe Nachman – Lesson 04 – King and Emperor – Part 2 – The Cripple – Part 1. Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.

00:00 – Story of The King and Emperor – Part 2. Review.
02:37 – The Ben Melech – prince – loses his way and is forced to become a servant.
03:45 – The emperor’s daughter wanders along the seashore and at night takes shelter in a tree.
06:33 – Fruits of the trees represent the good deeds of the tzaddikim.
09:09 – NOTE from Rabbi Zvi Aryeh Rosenfeld zal – guidelines in life priorities from a pirate’s treasure.
14:59 – The meaning of wine in the story.
17:40 – Why the emperor’s daughter disguised herself as a man.
18:45 – When a Jew prays, it’s as if he is “giving” to HaShem.
19:31 – Closing summary, questions and responses.
23:23 – Story of The Cripple – Part 1.
24:11 – NOTE from Rabbi Michel Dorfman zal about what it means to “water trees”: a person needs to stay fresh and constantly rejuvenated, approaching each day as a new adventure.
28:08 – One of the wise man’s sons was a cripple who set out on a journey to make a living.
33:41 – Story of the origin of a band of thieves.
38:09 – NOTE from Rabbi Michel Dorfman about Teshuvah – return to HaShem, as illustrated through the story.

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