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LH3-09-Taanis/ הלכות תענית

2020-04-28 – LH3 – OC3 – Taanis 4 – Para. 14a – Aitza (Advice) – Baalei Teshuvah – Opposition of Angels – Finding a True Tzaddik

Taanis 4 – Aitza (Advice) – Baalei Teshuvah – Opposition of Angels – Finding a True Tzaddik – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
00:00 – Dedications and review. Today, the 4th of Iyar, is the yahrzeit of Rabbi Maimon’s paternal grandmother, Malka Sara bas R’ Shabsi ע”ה
01:32 – PARAGRAPH 14. Asifa (gather together elements that are nearby) vs. kibbutz (gather together elements from distant places). Aitza (advice, counsel) pertains to the feet, which follow through on the concepts and bring a person into action in this world. As Hashem says, “…the earth is my footstool.” (Yishayahu/Isaiah 66:1). Good counsel is not needed in the Eternal World. Baalei Teshuva (those who return to Torah observance) need to access a deeper level of aitza than most others.
08:18 – The true perfection of knowledge is the clear direction of action that can help a person achieve eternal success, not just success in this world. In Mishlei/Proverbs the Torah is referred to as “advice”.
08:41 – HaShem did not give the Torah to the angels. Moshe Rabbeinu’s response to the angels who opposed his presence in Heaven to receive the Torah.
12:15 – What was the mistake of the angels?
17:03 – The main thing is not studying the Torah, but rather putting it into deeds.
23:05 – Psychologists cannot replace the aitza of true tzaddikim.
*30:37 – QUESTION: How do I know who is a true tzaddik and how can I decide which one to follow? RESPONSE: Because the tzaddikim are hidden, praying for aitza tova is the best way to be able to find and obtain counsel from a true tzaddik. A powerful tefilah for this is in the siddur when we say (in Maariv and Kriyas Shema al HaMitah): ותקננו בעצה טובה מלפניך “Vesakneynu b’aitza tova m’lfanecha”“Establish us through good counsel.”
36:08 – QUESTION: What was the deeper reason the angels were not given the Torah? The Torah is not simply concepts, it lives through man’s fulfillment of the mitzvos based on emunah/faith.
45:08 – Even though the enemies of the Jews rose to power during the holocaust, they ultimately failed and became less than nothing.
49:20 – The meaning of Yaakov Avinu holding onto the heel of Esav at birth.
50:09 – The establishment of a kingdom depends on its advisors.
52:05 – Closing remarks about the suffering of Am Yisrael and its assured redemption.

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