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LH3-09-Taanis/ הלכות תענית

2020-04-28 – LH3 -OC3 – Taanis 4 – Para. 14a (Clip) – How Do I Know Which Tzaddik to Follow?

Taanis 4 – How Do I Know Which Tzaddik to Follow? Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
QUESTION: How do I know who is a true tzaddik and how can I decide which one to follow?
RESPONSE: Because the tzaddikim are hidden, praying for aitza tova is the best way to be able to find and obtain counsel from a true tzaddik. A powerful tefilah for this is in the siddur when we say (in Maariv and Kriyas Shema al HaMitah): ותקננו בעצה טובה מלפניך “Vesakneynu beAitza tova milfanecha” – “Establish us through good counsel.”

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