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2022-07-24 – Achdus – Unity

Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon. Shiur presented at Lubovitch on the Palisades on the 25th of Tammuz, 5782. With appreciation to the Chabad community of Tenafly, New Jersey. Topic: Achdut, Achdus, Unity.
00:00 – This shiur is sponsored by Daveed Kaplan and family for Raye Adina bat Shoshana תחי’ה and for a רפואה שלמה – complete recovery – for Netalia bat Vera תחי’ה.
01:33 – Pirkei Avos – “Running after peace”. Yahrzeit of Aharon HaKohen and Rav Aharon of Breslov ז”ל on Rosh Chodesh Av.
03:04 – Yosef HaTzaddik and the Shivtei KaH – Twelve Tribes of Israel.
15:51 – Q&R about Mitzrayim being called an exile since the Jews went voluntarily.
17:02 – Moshe Rabbeinu was reluctant to assume the position as leader of Am Yisrael because he didn’t want to show disrespect to his older brother, Aharon HaKohen.
19:17 – The Three Weeks. Sefiras HaOmer – the students of Rabbi Akiva who died in a plague. Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai ז”ל and L’Ag B’Omer. Story of the Arizal and his students. If a dispute hadn’t broken out among the wives of his students, the Moshiach would have arrived.
25:35 – Rashi on Eicha – there’s nothing wrong with pluralism in Torah belief.
27:07 – Likutey Moharan 34: the principle of tzaddik.
30:10 – Pirkei Avos“Moshe received the Torah from Sinai…”
30:21 – The importance of kehilla – community – friends. בְּרָב־עָ֥ם הַדְרַת־מֶ֑לֶךְ – “The King’s glory is in a multitude of people…” (Mishlei 14:28).
32:02 – וַיֹּ֤אמֶר הָמָן֙ לַמֶּ֣לֶךְ אֲחַשְׁוֵר֔וֹשׁ יֶשְׁנ֣וֹ עַם־אֶחָ֗ד מְפֻזָּ֤ר וּמְפֹרָד֙ – “And Haman said to King Ahasuerus, ‘There is a certain people scattered and separate’…” (Esther 3:8). Haman pointed out that Am Yisrael was מפורד – separate [from one another] – and this lack of unity made them vulnerable.
34:38 – Amalek.
35:30 – Rebbe Nachman passed away of tuberculosis when he was 38 years old. He risked his life to give his final Rosh Hashanah shiur. In that teaching, he emphasizes the importance of a good neighbor and achieving unity through plurality – every individual expands a gathering qualitatively in a factorial progression. Eg. Two people create two relationships, three people create six, four people create 24, and so on. [Therefore, with regard to a minyan – quorum of ten men: nine people create 362,880 relationships, but when a tenth person joins them, the number jumps to 3,628,880.]
39:23 – The importance of tefilah b’tzibur – praying with a minyan.
39:56 – Every ingredient in the Ketores – incense offering – is essential, even the foul-smelling chelbanah – galbanum.
40:00 – Lack of respect between Torah scholars led to the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash (Gitten 56).
42:46 – Q&R about pluralism and respect for a rabbi. Can a student disagree with a rabbi’s opinion?
49:17 – Q&R about the military draft in Eretz Yisrael.

This shiur is sponsored by Doveed Kaplan and family for Raye Adina bat Shoshana תחי’ה and for a רפואה שלמה – complete recovery – for Netalia bat Vera תחי’ה.