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LH4-26-Karcha uKhsoves KaAka

2022-12-08 – LH4 – YD1 – Karcha uKhsoves KaAka 2b – Karcha uKhsoves KaAka 3 – Para. 1-2 – Memory and Writing; Shalom Leads to Teshuvah

Karcha uKhsoves KaAka 2b; Karcha uKhsoves KaAka 3 – Para. 1-2. Memory and Writing, Shalom Leads to Teshuvah. Parshas Kedoshim.

Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
Hilkhos Karcha uKhsoves KaAka 2 is based on Likutey Moharan 54.
00:00 – HALAKHA 2b. Writing is remembrance for future generations.
05:39 – The main prohibition of writing on the body is not to cut the skin.
15:55 – Q&Rs about writing on the skin, tattoos, and engraving.
21:21 – HALAKHA 3. Hilkhos Karcha uKhsoves KaAka 3 is based on Likutey Moharan 27. Shalom leads to teshuvah. וְהָֽדַרְתָּ֖ פְּנֵ֣י זָקֵ֑ן – “…and you shall respect the elderly…” (Vayikra 19:32, Kedoshim).
25:58 – There is a connection between peace and bitterness – medicines are bitter.
26:57 – Sickness in the body results from a lack of peace between its four basic elements: fire, water, air, and earth.
28:28 – PARAGRAPH 1. Every Jew has the potential to bring the world to teshuvah.
35:31 – Q&R about speaking with people who are not Torah observant.
37:05 – PARAGRAPH 2. וּכְתֹ֣בֶת קַֽעֲקַ֔ע לֹ֥א תִתְּנ֖וּ בָּכֶ֑ם אֲנִ֖י יְהוָֹֽה – “…and You shall not etch a tattoo on yourselves. I am Hashem” (Vayikra 19:28, Kedoshim). Every part of a Jew’s body corresponds to a place in the world.
48:04 – Closing blessings – the importance of every part of the body.

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