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2022-12-13 – Preparing for Chanukah

Preparing for Chanukah. Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon. Recorded at the Shaarei Chesed Breslov Shul, Yerushalayim.
00:00 – The difference between Chanukah and other festivals.
09:17 – Story about a Rosh Yeshiva who brought his students to the circus.
14:55 – The Greeks attacked Am Yisrael’s faith.
17:59 – Bais Hillel vs. Bais Shammai on how the Chanukah lights are lit.
22:49 – The Shekhina usually stays about ten tefachim above the ground (about a meter).
30:36 – Questions and Responses about how, when, and where to light the Chanukah lights.
33:00 – The meaning of a miracle.

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