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LH5-22-Bechor Beheyma Tehora

2024-03-07 – LH5 – YD2 – Bechor Beheyma Tehora 4 – Para. 22b-25 – The Mitzvah of Drinking on Purim – Parshas Shekalim – Yiros Nefulos – Fallen Fears – Sipurei Maasios – The Cripple – Mordechai and Haman Are in the Ketores – No Hallel on Purim

Bechor Beheyma Tehora 4 – Mitzvah of Drinking on Purim – Parshas ShekalimYiros Nefulos – Fallen Fears – Mordechai and Haman Are in the Ketores – No Hallel on Purim – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
Hilkhos Bechor Beheyma Tehora 4 is based on Likutey Moharan 185.
00:00 – PARAGRAPH 22b. The mitzvah of drinking on Purim.
07:00 – PARAGRAPH 23. Parshas Shekalim. Yiros Nefulos – fallen fears.
13:40 – Q&R about elevating the holy sparks entrapped in the klipos.
14:30 – Mordechai in the Torah is Mor Dror. Shelah Hakodesh: Since Mordechai is in the Ketores, then the commensurate evil must be there to balance it. And so it is: Chelbanah begematria is Haman. “From the descendants of Haman came forth those who taught Torah in Bnei Brak.” Sparks of kedusha can be redeemed even in Haman.
16:40 – Q&R – Yiros Nefulos – Fallen fears.
18:00 – Q&R – What a person fears will often actually happen.
20:00 – NOTE – Sipurei Maasios – Story of the Cripple – the sage in the story wasn’t afraid of a “demon king”.
22:00 – Q&R about holy sparks even being in Haman – Amalek.
*23:00 – PARAGRAPH 25. Why Hallel is not said on Purim.
30:00 – Purim is a preparation for Pesach. Even though we’re living in Eretz Yisrael, we are still under the rule of the 70 Nations. Reference to 2LikuteyMoharan 74.
32:30 – Q&R about the word “Zos” referring to Malkhus of Kedushah. The word Gam alludes to Geulas Mitzrayim, Geulas Mordechai, Geulas Matisyahu, Geulas Moshiach. Hineh mah tov umanaim sheves achim Gam Yachad. Gam is begematria Challah, which also refers to the Shekhina.
34:00 – Q&R about past victories of Am Yisrael being incomplete.
*36:00 – The Hallel recited on all other holidays facilitates the sheleymus of sechel – the power of saying Hallel on all the other holidays depends on the Megillas Esther reading on Purim.
37:00 – The permitted to do work on Purim because on that day are we able to draw the highest light of HaShem into the lowest level of our activities.
42:00 – Purim is like Shavuos.
*43:30 – The entire existence of Am Yisrael depends on Purim. Reading the Megillah is the Hallel of Purim.
45:00 – Q&R – why do we say Hallel on Chanukah? [See
46:00 – Q&R about yirah on Purim. The higher level of yirah bestowed on Am Yisrael when they observe the mitzvos of Purim is an aspect of HaShem’s hiskarvus at that time. On Purim HaShem draws Am Yisrael close to Himself more than any other day of the year.

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