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Likutey Moharan 2/ ליקוטי מוהר"ן תנינא

2Likutey Moharan 74 – Part 1 – Not Eating Nuts on Rosh Hashanah – Rebbe Nachman and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai zal – Purim Is a Preparation for Pesach

2Likutey Moharan 74 – Not Eating Nuts on Rosh Hashanah – Rebbe Nachman and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai zal – Purim Is a Preparation for Pesach – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon (Lesson 459, recorded on 1987-01-25).
03:42 – Introduction. Purim and the deeper meaning of its root letters which equal 280 (Peh and Reish).
*06:44 – Begin inside text: Directly following Purim we read Parshas Parah (Torah section about the Red Heifer). שֽׁוֹשַׁנִּ֔ים נֹֽטְפ֖וֹת מ֥וֹר עֹבֵֽר – “…his lips are [like] roses dripping with flowing myrrh” (Shir HaShirim/Song of Songs 5:13) alludes to Esther (Shoshanim) and Mordechai (Mor d’Ror/myrrh).
12:49 – The letters of the word Purim are hinted in the initial letters of the phrase in the written Torah “…you left Egypt and you shall not appear in My presence empty-handed.”  (Shemos/Exodus 23:15): ממצדים ולא יראו פני ריקם
15:26 – All the mitzvos (commandments) are rooted in the exodus from Egypt.
16:37 – It used to be that “all beginnings were from Pesach,” but now…. [they are from Purim].
17:41 – Begin text from Kokhavei Ohr, Section Chochmah Binah, Page 125, Para. “Geulah HaRishona
*23:28 – The yahrzeit of the RaSHbI (Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai), the yahrzeit of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov, and the celebration of Purim are related. All three come out on the same day of the week in any given year.
27:30 – End of Kokhavei Ohr. Begin deeper explanation of why Askenazim don’t eat nuts on Rosh HaShanah.
33:10 – Rebbe Nachman and the RaSHbI counteract the egoz/nut (gematria cheyt/sin) on Rosh HaShanah.
35:00 – The RaSHbI zal proclaims that the Torah will never be forgotten.
41:21 – Letter written by Rav Avraham Kokhav-Lev (Sternhartz) zal. Letter #43 in She’aris Yisrael.
48:23 – During the 30 days between Purim and Pesach, wiping out Amalek takes place on 3 levels – thought/word/deed/ for 30 days, for a total of 720 hours b’gematria 3 times Amalek. (Bnei Yissa’char quoted in Rav Kokhav-Lev’s letter.)
*52:20 – It’s brought in Sefer Chessed l’Avraham (written by the father of the Chida zal) that during the 30 days between Purim and Pesach, Hashem extends a special chessed/kindness to rescue every Jewish soul from impurities. This is on condition that during these weeks the individual is careful not to waste time.
54:50 – The tradition that Moshiach will arrive on Erev Pesach.

55:46 – Hilkhos Pesach.

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