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11-Shevat/ חודש שבט

Shevat – Likutey Halakhos – Tu beShevat and the Power of Humility – Ehven Shesiya (Foundation Stone) – Receiving Insight from the “Eyes of the Tzaddik”

Likutey Halakhos Yoreh Deah 2 – Orlah 5 – Para. 6-7. Tu beShevat and the Power of Humility – Receiving Insight from the “Eyes of the Tzaddik” – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
00:00 – Tu beShevat (the fifteenth day of the eleventh lunar month) is the central moment of Shevat. The 12 tribes correspond to the 12 months and are branches of the “tree” of Yaakov Avinu’s sons. Ehven Shesiya (Foundation Stone). The bas ayin (pupil of the eye) relates to the power of discernment. Sulam Yaakov (Jacob’s ladder) connects the lower and upper worlds through the humility accessible in Yerushalayim (Jerusalem) and the Ehven Shesiya.
16:58 – (Lesson 187b). Arrogance is overcome through the proper use of wealth and repairing priorities with money.
29:25 – Overcoming arrogance strengthens the bas ayin – true discernment.
36:05 – (Lesson 187c). Reference to Likutey Moharan 98 about how, through his eyes, the tzaddik can destroy the arrogant.
43:46 – NOTE: Rabbi Michel Dorfman zal explained how the tzaddik is able to grant his power of spiritual insight to someone who comes to him with humility.
52:54 – Arrogance is the result of improper vision. It can be repaired through seeing oneself as less than he believes himself to be.

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