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Tefilah - Prayer

Tefilah – Lesson 01 – Makom Tefilah – Place of Prayer

Tefilah – Lesson 01 – Makom Tefilah – Place of Prayer – Beis Knesses – Shul – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon. (Recorded on 1988-10-11.)

00:00 – Makom Tefilah – place of prayer.
06:04 – Guarding one’s speech in shul.
09:22 – It’s forbidden to run in a shul.
10:04 – Sekhar Pesiyos – merit for walking to shul – If there’s a choice between two synagogues in one’s community – it’s a mitzvah to go to the one further away, for every step taken on the way is rewarded. [We learn bestowal of this reward from a widow, because despite there being a synagogue in her neighborhood, she would go to pray every day at the Beis Midrash of Rabbi Yochanan. Rabbi Yochanan said to her: ‘My daughter, is there not a synagogue in your neighborhood?’ She replied: ‘Rabbi, don’t I receive reward for the steps?’ From this, Rabbi Yochanan learned that one who walks to synagogue receives reward for every step, and the further the synagogue is, the greater the reward, for every step and stride taken to the synagogue is rewarded (Sotah 22a).]
17:48 – Q&R about speech and behavior in a shul.
23:36 – Making a Kiddush in Shul.

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