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Chayey Moharan - Life of Rebbe Nachman/ חיי מוהר"ן

2022-08-28 – Chayey Moharan – Life of Rebbe Nachman – Part 9 – Para. 171-183 – Sefer HaNisraf – Dealing With Illness and Doctors – Visiting Kivrei Tzaddikim

Chayey MoharanSefer HaNisraf – Dealing With Illness and Doctors – Visiting Kivrei Tzaddikim – Speaker: Rabbi Nasan Maimon.
00:00 – Dedication l’iluy nishmas Dishleh ע”ה bas R’ Yechiel Michel HaLevy Dorfman ז”ל.
03:06 – PARAGRAPH 171.
04:43 – Sefer HaNisraf.
09:00 – PARAGRAPH 178.
12:37 – Reciting a blessing on seeing a good friend that one hasn’t seen for a while.
*16:28 – Dealing with illness and doctors: when a person is ill they need to put other considerations aside and attend to the illness.
*17:02 – Reference to Likutey Moharan 155 – When Rebbe Nachman was very ill, he took herbal remedies to repair the spiritual defects of the lands where the remedies came from.
21:05 – PARAGRAPH 183.
22:42 – Reference to Likutey Moharan 117 about why it’s difficult for some people to sleep on Motzei Shabbos.
30:08 – Q&R about Rebbe Nachman speaking of his own greatness.
34:18 – Q&R about when to visit Kivrei Tzaddikim.
36:24 – NOTE about being at Kever Rochel. BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE about Rabbi Michel Dorfman ז”ל – he accompanied a student to Har HaZeysim because the student wanted to see the grave sites he had purchased there.
46:13 – Closing blessings.

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